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We have really enjoyed Bible Stories with Mr Hayes…


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Well done to our Stars of the Week


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Historical enquiry skills

We studied a range of Mayan artefacts and posed questions that archaeologists would have asked. We discovered many interesting things!    22+

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Spooky stories

Year 5 have begun their new writing genre studying spooky settings. We have read soooky stories and identified features that make a good setting.     29+

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A spooky description by Regan Swain 

Mysteriously, the colossal silhouette shone as if there was a huge figure in front of it. In every minute of every day, the old forbidden house was always towering over everything within its distance. Unexpectedly, the illumininous light gloomed upon the windows that had been matted in moss. Silently, the other ten windows were destroyed […]

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Map skills in 5P


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Well done to our certificate winners this week! 


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School council 

A big congratulations to our Year 5 school council representatives Alisha and Jake     37+

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We finally have our Year 5 blog up and running. We look forward to seeing your comments! 


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Year 4 visit Ashton

This week, Year 4 visited Ashton to ask people their views and opinions on how the town has changed over time. Children created their own questionnaires in order to find out this information. It was great to speak to people who live in and around the town yesterday. 9+

Continue Reading 4 comments July 7th, 2017

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